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NFL Rookie Training Camp Observation: wholesale jerseys com Miles - Gallete and other potential new stars
In 2017, the new show training camp is about to kick off, and the first wave of fresh meat has arrived in Indiana Polish on Tuesday. The rookies have been studied for a while, while the training camp can provide opportunities to be under the same conditions & mdash; & mdash; all 330 players actually & mdash; & mdash; come fully compare everyone.

Last week, I observed the 40-yard record of these potential stocks who had the opportunity to challenge Chris Johnson (completed in 2008). Today I have organized five young people who can stand out and have excellent performance in the Indian training camp.

imageMiles-Galle, Defensive Director, Texas Farmers University

The Carrett is the first place in my fifty candidate list, and he is also the most hopeful player in the 2017 NFL draft. There are many amazing performances in his image record, which believes in training camps. His weight is approximately 265 to 270 pounds, and the 40-yard score is about 4.5 seconds, vertical bounces about 40 inches. This is the data that the scouts taken by the autumn to visit the Texas agricultural machinery, which also officially devoted to his powerful exercise.

Marcus Williams, Security, Utah University

Williams is an elongated, with a potential security guard who is playing, but also has a strong explosive force. His 40-yard score should be less than 4.4 seconds, cheap jerseys free shipping and the vertical bouncing will exceed 40 inches, and there will be 11 feet or even higher levels. He was a very good basketball player during his high school, and won a "small magician" from his teammate. These exercise capabilities will be present in the field training, and I also optimistic about his potential to grow high with NFL career.

Obi Meli Fangwu, Security, Connect University

Meli Fangwu is a taller in the safety space I evaluated. Last month, in the Permanent Football Graduation Cup (Senior Bowl) show, his physical measurement data is 6 & rsquo; 4 ", weighs 219 pounds. For such a tall figure, I was in front of the outer hand 1 pair 1 The excellent movement was shocked. When I wrote this article, I contacted a number of scouts seeking opinions. Obi's name was repeated. When I asked what I would like to look forward to his exercises, I was told, he Performance and another Kangdang defensive guard & mdash; & mdash; Byron Jones at the same level. If Obi can match Jones's ability, he should be able to hand over a wonderful answer.

Curtis Samuel, Runaway / Exterior, Ohio State University

Ohio State University has contributed a lot of talents for NFL over the past few years. The last rookie has a player in Western (ZEKE) - Ai Out, Joe Yo-Boss and Michael - Thomas, this year, I have two new show in this year from here & mdash; & mdash; horse Like Hool and Ma Shang - Lativore. However, if you take a closer study of the video of Ohio over the past two seasons, Samuel seems to be the most likely outbreak. As long as he has a little space, you can take off. The scouts have been told that the 40 yards can run between 4.3 to 4.4 seconds, and the bench is vertically jumped close to 40 inches, while the jump is at least 10 feet 6 inches.

Tararrist - McKinley, defensive end, California University Los Angeles

McKinley is one of the top rushers in this year's choice camp, and his most powerful weapon is his first step in explosive. He has done a track and field athlete, and the high school period has 10.6 seconds. The scout learned that he was about 230 to 240 pounds at the time. His weight is 252 pounds in the 2016 season, and he has completely maintained this speed. His 40 yards should go to 4.5s, and his strength test should also touch many people. Despite the shoulder injury, it is reported that surgery is required to recover, but he recently released a very brave push practice video [Text: Shoulder injury can no stop !! 230 pounds pushed 24 times .. Training Overhead!]. He must be able to speak in our own drinking sound in the training camp.