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imageTitan will attach the cut officer will receive surgery possible season reimbursement
Taylor Lewan's era will be opened in Tennessee. This is more than expected.

Michael Roos, who has long been a Tennessee Titan, said that his injured right knee may accept the surgery that would make him bid farewell to this season. According to ESPN, he said that the knee injury was not tearing in front of the trigger, but he refused to disclose details. In the 10 seasons of Titan, Rus is only absent from 1 game: he has no one game after accepting appendicent surgery in the 2012 season. This is a big blow to Titan, why are jerseys from china so cheap who is easily injured in the team. As the custom sea of ​​the Titan offensive front line, Rus is a model of stable performance, and the best lineup is selected for 3 times.

However, Titan is ready to make his substitute. In this year, the team selected Levan, which was originally planned to give him a 32-year-old Rus. This season is the last year of Rusi and www cheapjerseys Titan, so his surgery is very likely to mean the end of his Titan player career.

Le Wan has not had a first experience, but he might be on Sunday, the Jacksonville America Tiger, who is facing by her mold. Titan hopes that this rookie can protect Jake Locker (or Charlie Whitehurst).